powerful and proven technology with a fresh purpose.

The Wet Tissue Sealant powering our dressing belongs to an established class of medical adhesives but optimized for application to wound beds. The protectant film safely ends bleeding, eliminates pain, kills infections, seals out contamination, and supports healing. Our technology is the first liquid dressing for spray application to open wounds.

Simple, no compromise dressing method.

The Innova dressing will offer the simplicity of a conventional liquid bandage with the power of advanced technology.

The main goals of dressing a wound are to end bleeding, minimize pain, prevent infection, and promote healing. No conventional material satisfies all these goals with immediate effect and, in addition, all current dressings require painful and traumatic re-dressing of the wound at frequent intervals.

In contrast, our dressing simply sprays onto the wound and immediately forms a protective sealing film which satisfies all treatment goals and does not require frequent re-applications.

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